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Q: Is there a warranty on a new Boatmate Trailer?
A: Yes.  BoatMate stands behind the craftsmanship of our product with a 5-year Limited Warranty.  Please see our Warranty Page for details.
Q: Where can I purchase parts for my Boatmate Trailer?
A: You can seek parts and service from your local dealer or check us out at for parts and service information.
Q: Where can I go to get detailed information about my Boatmate Trailer?
A: offers replacement parts as well as technical information regarding maintenance and service for your BoatMate Trailer. You can also find information on our more common Techinical FAQ's. For anything beyond that please contact your local dealer or Contact Us directly at BoatMate.
Q: How do I know if my Boatmate trailer was made for my boat?
A: On your trailer there is a V.I.N. (Vehicle Identification Number) Label and Tire Data Label located on the main frame toward the front of the trailer on the starboard side. Starting in 2012, in the upper right hand corner of the V.I.N. Label you can find the year and model for which the trailer was designed.  If this information is not visible, is faded, or if you have an older trailer feel free to Contact Us with your 17-digit V.I.N. and we can provide you with this information.
Q: Where can I find my Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.) on my trailer?
A: Your V.I.N. will be located on a V.I.N. Label located on the main frame toward the front of the trailer on the starboard side.  Your V.I.N. will be a 17 digit number beginning with "5A7…".
Q: Why is it important that I supply my Vehicle Identification Number (V.I.N.) when ordering parts?
A: One thing that sets BoatMate Trailers apart is that we customize each of our trailers to suit our individual customer's needs.  To ensure that we are providing you with the correct parts we use the V.I.N. to identify exactly how your trailer was originally built.
Q: Can I load my boat with ballast loaded in my boat?
A: No.  Though BoatMate Trailers are manufactured to the highest quality and standards ballast is not included in the designed capacity of any BoatMate Trailer.  This is not only due to the uncalculated additional load on the trailer, but in the case of water ballast systems, the shifting load can cause your trailer and /or tow vehicle to become unstable in the event of unexpected maneuvers.  Under no circumstances should your boat be loaded on to your BoatMate Trailer with additional ballast.  
Q: What size trailer do I need for my boat?
A: BoatMate Trailers are specifically designed to fit the exact year, make and model of your boat.  Please contact your dealer or Contact Us at BoatMate to ensure proper fitment when considering the purchase of your trailer.
Q: Which trailer finish is best suited for my area?
A: Standard Steel trailers are recommended for fresh water use only. If you are planning on any salt or brackish water use, galvanized or painted galvanized trailers are recommended.
Q: Can I trade my old trailer for a new one?
A: No. BoatMate Trailers does not offer any trade value on your existing trailer.
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